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My name is Rachael Foe and I've been fortunate to live in and explored many western states. Our magnificent public lands and waters not only allow for world class hiking, biking, and rafting, but also the wide spaces that allow for deeper connection - the kind that comes when marveling at nature's novelty, big and small. Getting out and exploring gives me perspective, helps me stay present, and gets me out of my own head. Curiously, losing myself in nature for a few hours makes space for stronger connections with myself, others, and the world.

New Mexico is a state rich in public lands, culture, and beauty. My mother was raised in Northern New Mexico, so I spent summer vacations escaping the humid midwest for sweet pinon air, friendly people, and a landscape that was and is truly enchanting. I feel lucky to now live in Albuquerque with my husband and two dogs. We all love to explore and play in New Mexico's public lands and waters as much as we can.