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Meet the Guides of Discovery Walking Tours

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Sita Jamieson Caddle

Sita has called Santa Fe home since 1979. She fell in love with its vibrancy, culture and history, eventually receiving a training through the New Mexico History Museum to become a historical walking guide. Her tours emphasize Santa Fe's diversity and culture and how that has shaped the beauty and development of the city to what it is today. In addition to History Walks, she also offers a Chocolate Tour, which includes the history of the amazing cacao tree as well as tastings from five of the chocolatiers in town. Recently she added a Historical Architecture and Interior Design Tour which features many of Santa Fe's iconic buildings.

Allen Steele

As one of the most requested tour guides by hotels in Santa Fe, Allen likes to share the city’s rich history in the form of stories. He is known for his ability to combine all the stories he knows into a rich mosaic of one of the country’s most historic cities. His love of history has resulted in Santa Fe’s two most recent books about the history of “The City Different.” He calls Santa Fe the Southwest’s Capital for history, culture, art and cuisine and he shares colorful summaries of all these subjects on his tours.

Tom Gallegos

Tom helps visitors experience Santa Fe, native Pueblos, Spanish villages, the beautiful outdoors and unique cuisine. He especially enjoys sharing the beauty and history of Santa Fe on his walking tour. Tom is a native of Taos and currently lives in Santa Fe.

Paul Hillman

Paul spent 40 years as an art director at CBS and ABC Television in Manhattan before coming to Santa Fe, where he was immediately captivated by the richness of the land and its people. A longtime outdoor sports enthusiast and history buff, he devoured as much information as he could about the Land of Enchantment before joining the Discovery City Walking Tour. Rain or shine, Paul now enjoys sharing his excitement about Santa Fe’s culture, history, and architecture with visitors from all over the world.

Ken Ortolon

Ken is a former journalist who has a passion for history, particularly the history of the American Southwest. His interest in New Mexico history was sparked in the 1980s when his wife began making frequent trips to Santa Fe on buying trips for her art gallery, which specialized in Native American art and jewelry. Ken enjoys sharing his knowledge of the centuries-old city of Santa Fe and the people who have lived here—Native American, Spanish, Mexican and American. Ken also has extensive knowledge about the notorious outlaw, Billy the Kid, and is available to lead tours focusing on Billy’s life in Santa Fe and New Mexico.

Jean McLarty

Jean fell in love with Santa Fe on her first visit over 25 years ago and in 2019 came to stay. She brings her background in science and love of history to offer a Santa Fe Spy tour that explores the espionage activities that have occurred in Santa Fe from the earliest days of the Spanish to modern times. The drop-off points and hangouts where secrets of the atomic bomb were exchanged are prominently featured. She also offers Chocolate tours that explore the long history of chocolate and introduces wonderful Santa Fe chocolatiers who offer tastes as part of the tour.


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