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Outdoor Adventures at Diablo Canyon, New Mexico

Top 10 New Mexico Experiences

#7: Outdoor Adventures at Diablo Canyon

Located just 15 miles west of downtown Santa Fe, Diablo Canyon offers locals and visitors a myriad of outdoor activities.

Santa Fe Mountain Adventures

Santa Fe Mountain Adventures offers a 2.5-hour off-road adventure to Diablo Canyon that takes you in beautiful arroyos (dry sandy riverbeds) and dirt trails to the Canyon’s parking area and trailhead.

The outing also includes a short walk along the Diablo Canyon Trail. It’s a great excursion for families as children love to climb on the rocks while the parents get to enjoy stunning views.

Santa Fe Mountain Adventures also offers fat biking adventures and guided hikes on the Diablo Canyon Trail to the Rio Grande. The terrain is ideal for fat biking and hiking. The trail to the river is about 3 miles one way and, following the arroyo, there are sections that have loose sand, while other segments have firm packed sand. Overall, it’s an easy and serene walk to the Rio Grande which flows from the snow-capped mountains of Colorado 1,900 miles south to the Gulf of Mexico.

Contact Santa Fe Mountain Adventures to arrange a customized tour of Diablo Canyon!

Phone 505-988-4000

Diablo Canyon Recreation Area

Take a day trip to Diablo Canyon or go camping for a few days. The last 7 miles to the Diablo Canyon Recreation Area, managed by BLM, can be rough (a washboard road), so drive slowly. You can take a 2WD vehicle out on Old Buckman Road.

You can camp at the Diablo Canyon Recreation Area or closer to the Rio Grande on Santa Fe National Forest land. It’s free!

Check out Campendium for reviews of the primitive campsite.

For those who are more adventurous, go on a bikepacking trip.

Cass Gilbert, a friend of ours, has a great blog on the Caja del Rio Plateau I Website

Yarrow Mountain Guides

Or, book a rock climbing adventure with Tommy Jackson and Christian Sommer at Yarrow Mountain Guides. I Website

"Offering personalized climbing experiences and instruction to everyone from complete beginners to experienced climbers. We are passionate about helping you connect with the uniquely enchanting landscape of northern New Mexico through world-class climbing amidst its breathtaking canyons and mountains."

Sandia Grotto – National Speleological Society

Taking it yet to another level, venture underground and go spelunking! Yes, spelunking. Or caving for those of us new to the world of adventuring underground. There is a cave at Diablo Canyon, called Buckman Cave, that is not for the novice or faint of heart. I Website

Our suggestion would be to contact the Sandia Grotto – National Speleological Society – and learn more about spelunking in New Mexico. I Website

Whatever your desired level of activity – from an easy and fun off-road adventure to rock climbing, venture out to Diablo Canyon and enjoy this diverse and stunningly beautiful destination.

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