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Chocolate & Shopping

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Get a taste of Santa Fe with this downtown shopping, lunch & chocolate experience.

Begin this enchanting experience with lunch at the legendary Plaza Cafe Downtown. Followed by eclectic gift shopping at the Santa Fe Hemp Store. For "energy", a short stop in Senor Murphy's Chocolate Shop.

Then, onto Malouf for authentic New Mexico crafted jewelry. Treat your feet to Golar Shoes, and Sock Magic! Finish off your afternoon with drinks and appetizers at La Plazuela At La Fonda.

Plaza Cafe Downtown

The Plaza Cafe, Santa Fe’s oldest restaurant, has been serving highly acclaimed, authentic traditional dishes since 1905.

Monday 8AM–8PM

Tuesday 8AM–8PM

Wednesday 8AM–8PM

Thursday 8AM–8PM

Friday 7AM–9PM

Saturday 7AM–9PM

Sunday 7AM–9PM

Santa Fe Hemp

What do we do and what do we sell? For 23 years, we have offered Santa Fe and all of its visitors a selection of hemp clothing and accessories; organic cotton clothes for babies and kids; tree-free journals, art paper, and other paper products; hand-crafted gift items and body care; locally made pottery; thought-provoking books; socially-conscious posters, postcards, and bumper stickers; vegan accessories and body care; and many more things.

Monday 10AM–6PM

Tuesday 10AM–6PM

Wednesday 10AM–6PM

Thursday 10AM–6PM

Friday 10AM–7PM

Saturday 10AM–7PM

Sunday 10AM–6PM

Señor Murphy

Neil Murphy started Señor Murphy Candymaker in 1971 using four generations of candy-making experience and one simple rule (we call it Señor Murphy's Law): Use only the very best and freshest ingredients in small, hand-made batches.

Monday 10AM–5PM

Tuesday 10AM–5PM

Wednesday 10AM–5PM

Thursday 10AM–5PM

Friday 10AM–5PM

Saturday 10AM–5PM

Sunday 10AM–5PM

Malouf on the Plaza

Chic, upmarket boutique selling Southwest-inspired jewelry, apparel, purses, art & Navajo rugs.

Monday 10AM–5:30PM

Tuesday 10AM–5:30PM

Wednesday 10AM–5:30PM

Thursday 10AM–5:30PM

Friday 10AM–5:30PM

Saturday 10AM–5:30PM

Sunday 10AM–5PM

Goler Fine Imported Shoes

Monday 9AM–6PM

Tuesday 9AM–6PM

Wednesday 9AM–6PM

Thursday 9AM–6PM

Friday 9AM–7PM

Saturday 9AM–7PM

Sunday 11AM–6PM

La Plazuela At La Fonda

Picturesque garden like restaurant in La Fonda Hotel serving sophisticated New Mexican cooking.

Monday 8AM–9PM

Tuesday 8AM–9PM

Wednesday 8AM–9PM

Thursday 8AM–9PM

Friday 8AM–9PM

Saturday 8AM–9PM

Sunday 8AM–9PM

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