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Dixon Studio Tour Experience

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

this year, you can still take this scenic mountain drive to one of the grooviest art villages in New Mexico and experience some of the highlights featured on the Tour...complete with a stop at La Chiripada Winery.

Enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating mountain drive to Dixon, New Mexico!

Dixon is an art village, so the highlights on this Art Experience include a weaving & basket making gallery & a stop at the historic Embudo Presbyterian Church.

We've paired local art with a stop at Dixon Cooperative Market for sustenance, then a stop for an herbal chair massage at the Carnelian Center. The final destination is La Chiripada Winery, where you can take home the artistry of New Mexico wine.

Dixon Studio Tour information

Returns November 2033!

The Dixon Studio Tour is one of the oldest continuously run studio tours in the state. Dixon, nestled in the Embudo Valley in Northern New Mexico where the Rio Embudo flows into the Rio Grande, has been long known for its rich Native American and Hispanic heritage, productive farmlands and pastoral beauty.

During the last 30+ years many artists moved to the valley to pursue their artistic talent and a simpler way of life.

The annual Dixon Studio Tour is always held the first full weekend of November. Dixon is located 50 miles north of Santa Fe and 25 miles south of Taos. Many artists, craftspeople, and local businesses will be displaying their wares.

Food will be available at the Dixon Coop and Deli and at various stands at the Mercados and at the Presbyterian Mission Cafe, La Chiripada Winery, Vivac Winery, and Blue Heron Brewing Company will all be open for business during the Dixon Studio Tour.

Metier Studio Gallery

Dixon is an art village, home to the oldest continuously running studio tour in NM. Many local artists continue to work in traditional forms. Weaving, basket making, woodcrafts all find a place at Métier.

Monday Closed Tuesday Closed

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 11AM–5PM

Friday 11AM–5PM

Saturday 11AM–5PM

Sunday 12–5PM

Embudo Presbyterian Church

Local arts & crafts

Dixon Cooperative Market

Community-owned cooperative grocery & general store with deli.

Monday 8AM–7PM Tuesday 8AM–7PM

Wednesday 8AM–7PM

Thursday 8AM–7PM

Friday 8AM–7PM

Saturday 8AM–7PM

Sunday 8AM–7PM

Carnelian Center

Holistic health center 501(c)3 offering youth art, herbal products & chair massages.

La Chiripada Winery

Handmade local wine since 1977

Monday 11AM–5PM Tuesday 11AM–5PM

Wednesday 11AM–5PM

Thursday 11AM–5PM

Friday 11AM–5PM

Saturday 11AM–5PM

Sunday 11AM–5PM

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