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Nambe Falls Experience

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

1. Check out Nambe Falls. A short 1 mile hike up through the Rio Nambe to the base of the dam. Freshwater springs are flowing out of the rock. If you're feeling adventurous, you can climb a shorter waterfall to get to the base of a much larger waterfall.

2. Drive about 30 min north for lunch at Rancho de Chimayo, a historic restaurant. Opened in 1965, the homey restaurant has "fireplaces that radiate warmth into cozy rooms and family photographs hang on the white washed adobe walls. The lovely terraced patio beckons you to exquisite outdoor dining."

Nambe Falls

Rancho de Chimayó

Monday Closed Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 11:30AM–8PM

Thursday 11:30AM–8PM

Friday 11:30AM–8PM

Saturday 11:30AM–8PM

Sunday 11:30AM–8PM

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