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NM Paranormal Experiences: Santa Fe

New Mexico is known for its otherworldly landscapes, geological wonders and diverse, ancient history. But New Mexico is also known for otherworldly visitors & paranormal phenomena. Welcome to year two of New Mexico Paranormal Experiences ... featuring the best of our natural & supernatural worlds.

Santa Fe has a long history of ghosts & hauntings, but it has also been revered through time as a center of healing modalities. This experience features a guided Ghost Tour with journalist Ken Ortolon, followed by a trip to One Sacred Body Spa at Santa Fe Oxygen & Healing Bar for a reading package of your choice.

Ghost Tour

Santa Fe’s history is replete with the famous characters whose destinies qualify them as the authentic ghosts that still haunt the city!

2-hr. tour, minimum 2 people, $40

Ken not only knows where Billy roamed around town, but he also knows where his ghost, and other ghosts, cavorted in Santa Fe!

Please call to arrange a time, location & date.

Contact Ken at (512) 569-9613.

One Sacred Body Spa at Santa Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar

You are the guide of your destiny. Allow your heart’s true desires and wisdom to become known with images and messages that prompt clarity of your unfolding path. strengthen the connection with your guides. Have your questions answered. Your vision is your path made real. Reading packages include a flower essence, oxygen, and an herbal infusion elixir or tea.

Group readings and rates available upon request.

30 min reading package $90

60 min reading package $180

90 min reading package $270

  • tarot and oracle cards - general spread or specific questions answered through intuitive interpretation of tarot cards

  • numerology - individual, couple or group readings on numerology of birth and significant dates

  • astrology - provide your birthdate to receive in-depth insight into your astrological chart and current transits

  • intuitive - guidance from the angelic realm $300/hour with Kadimah

  • mediumship - channeling to connect with loved ones who have passed away $300/hour with Kadimah

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