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Roswell Experience

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Top 10 New Mexico Experiences

#6: Roswell Experience

Be sure to get an early start to your day trip into downtown Roswell, so you'll have plenty of time to get to Goddart Planetarium. (Check all hours below)

1. Where to stay: Located just 14 miles southeast of Roswell, Bottomless Lakes State Park offers a spectacular setting for camping.

Enjoy non-motorized boating in your kayak or canoe, camp, fish, picnic, swim, hike, go birding or even scuba dive! The unique lakes at this park are sinkholes, ranging from 17 to 90 feet deep. The greenish- blue color created by aquatic plants is what gives the lakes the illusion of great depth. And of course, a perfect spot for UFO watching at night!

2. Research / UFO regional sightings: MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)

The museum was organized to inform the public about what has come to be known as "The Roswell Incident."

The Museum is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to the collection and preservation of materials and information in written, audio and visual formats that are related to the 1947 Roswell Incident and other unexplained phenomena related to UFO research.

The Museum endeavors to be the leading information source in history, science and research about UFO events worldwide.

Perfect for souvenirs and gifts, for the people you love back on Earth.

5. Grab local coffee and lunch at Stellar Coffee Co.

The Robert H. Goddard Planetarium is home to a state-of-the-art, full-dome digital theater system with Digistar 6 programming. This immersive experience brings the captivating story of our cosmic origins to life like never before!

Pecos Flavors Winery & Bistro first opened its doors as a tasting room in downtown Roswell with a desire to feature New Mexico wines and products. After visiting wineries around the state of New Mexico, the owners decided that Roswell needed a place to experience and purchase all the great wines that the land of enchantment has to offer.

The carry a nice selection of New Mexico made products including; coffee, green chile foods, sauces, stew mixes, chocolates, pecans, pistachios, and cheeses.

Tastings are conducted Monday through Saturday (10am-5pm). Take a bottle back to your campsite!

Bottomless Lakes State Park

Burnt Well Guest Ranch

Monday 6AM–9PM

Tuesday 6AM–9PM

Wednesday 6AM–9PM

Thursday 6AM–9PM

Friday 6AM–9PM

Saturday 6AM–9PM

Sunday 6AM–9PM

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)

regional contact: Don Burleson (575) 622-0855

The International UFO Museum & Research Center

Monday 9AM–5PM Tuesday 9AM–5PM

Wednesday 9AM–5PM

Thursday 9AM–5PM

Friday 9AM–5PM

Saturday 9AM–5PM

Sunday 9AM–5PM

Alien Invasion T-Shirts and More

Monday 8AM–6PM Tuesday 8AM–6PM

Wednesday 8AM–6PM

Thursday 8AM–5PM

Friday 8AM–6PM

Saturday 8AM–6PM

Sunday 8AM–5PM

Stellar Coffee Co

Monday 7AM–3PM Tuesday 7AM–3PM

Wednesday 7AM–3PM

Thursday 7AM–3PM

Friday 7AM–3PM

Saturday 7AM–3PM

Sunday 8AM–3PM

Goddard Planetarium

Monday Closed Tuesday 1–5:45PM

Wednesday 1–5:45PM

Thursday 1–5:45PM

Friday 1–7:45PM

Saturday 1–5:45PM

Sunday Closed

Pecos Flavors Winery and Bistro

Monday Closed Tuesday 11AM–8PM

Wednesday 11AM–8PM

Thursday 11AM–8PM

Friday 11AM–9PM

Saturday 11AM–9PM

Sunday Closed

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