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Sacred Locations of Santa Fe

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Red Enchilada Restaurant

"A divey New Mexican restaurant that could easily be missed by those who don't know to look for it, but is known as one of the best and most authentic plates of food by those who do. The walls are decked out with primitive murals. The booths are painted bright turquoise." - JULIA CAMERON, THE LISTENING PATH (Author of THE ARTIST'S WAY & Santa Fe local)

Listening to Learn: a task from Julia Cameron's THE LISTENING PATH "Make a plan to meet a friend for coffee, a meal, or a chat on an outdoor bench. Listen carefully to your friend, with the intent to learn. We learn from everyone we listen to. When you focus on this result, what do you discover? What do you learn?"

Monday 8AM–4PM

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 8AM–4PM

Thursday 8AM–4PM

Friday 8AM–5PM

Saturday 8AM–5PM

Sunday 8AM–5PM

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, and Juan Diego, 'her ambassador'

The results of the examination of the sources show convergence on the essentials. At the beginning of the Spanish presence in Mexico and precisely in the Anahuac Valley, after a dramatic conquest and divisions in the "Nahuatl" political world, a church was built in a place of religious significance to the indigenous community: the hills of Tepeyac. This church was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary with the title of "Guadalupe", and coincides only in name with the one in Spain (divergent theories exist about the origins of this name from Estremadura, Spain, that was given to the Mexican Virgin; they range from those claiming it was a Castillian corruption of an indigenous name to those, more widespread, according to which the name was chosen explicitly [as already appears in the NicanMopohua] to make clear that it was a question of the Blessed Virgin Mary, venerated by that name in the land of many missionaries and conquistadores).


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Monday 9AM–5PM

Tuesday 9AM–5PM Wednesday Closed

Thursday 9AM–5PM

Friday 9AM–5PM

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Tsankawi Guided Hike w/ Passport to Pueblo Country

Experience an authentic culturally appropriate day tour, steeped with learning, understanding and appreciation of Pueblo life.

Travel in time to one of the ancestral homes of the pueblo people.

On this tour you will visit Tsankawi, which was occupied during the 15th and 16th century.

An opportunity to experience through the mesa top village, which has not had many archeological influences. You will see caves, petroglyphs and ruins that indicated where our people lived and carried out day-to-day activities, as well as traditional ceremonies.

You will gain knowledge of our people, past, present and future.

$225/per person minimum of 2.

Call Passport to Pueblo Country to book: (505) 301-3956

One Day Tour w/ Passport to Pueblo Country

Begin with a guided tour of the pueblo with rich storytelling along the way. Stop at the Maria Martinez Museum...a small although powerful experience.

Enjoy a meal at the family home in the historic pueblo plaza, where you will be treated to freshly baked oven bread and stews, traditionally cooked for annual feasts days.

The tour concludes with a pottery demonstration by an award-winning artist.

$375/per person minimum of 2

Call Passport to Pueblo Country to book: (505) 301-3956

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