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Poster Boyz Distribution is Back!
Book Your Distribution Campaign Online Today
(Santa Fe area only until further notice)

Rack Card Stack Distribution $350

Standard rack card size 4" x 9".  Standard postcard size: 4"x6". 

50 stacks of 25 pieces pre-bundled with rubber bands

Brochure Stack Distribution $550

Folded pieces.  50 stacks of 25 pieces pre-bundled with rubber bands

With both campaigns, you will also receive a Digital Rack Card (business listing, $100 value) on If you're promoting an event, your event listing will be included on our Event Calendar at no extra charge.

Distribution Campaign I Client Details

50 stacks of 25 pieces

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  • For all stacks please bundle 25 per stack with rubber bands. 

  • Campaign Lead Time for events: If you're promoting an event, the lead time is two weeks prior to the event date. However, we will not accept dated event pieces more than a month before an event.

  • Schedule a pickup date.  Our pickup availability is Monday through Friday, 10am - 6:00 pm.  We will confirm the pickup date & time via email.

  • We must receive payment in full before we can commence any campaign.

  • To maintain our integrity within the community, Poster Boyz will not distribute pieces that are offensive, promote hatred or racism. Nor will we distribute for groups, organizations or individuals who are known for the above mentioned. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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