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Day Trip to Puye Cliffs & Chimayo

This wonderful day trip will take you back in time with an excursion to Puye Cliffs & Chimayo Weaving Shop. First, stock your backpack or picnic basket with deli style sandwich boxes from Whole Foods. (Link to order online included.) Make sure to pack plenty of water, also available at Whole Foods. Before you begin the road trip out to Puye Cliffs, review their guided tour options (link included). Next, experience the ancient art of weaving first hand at Ortega's Weaving Shop in historic Chimayo.

Whole Foods

Order ahead and pick up prior to your trek. Be sure to stock up on water.

Hours: Monday 7AM–10PM

Tuesday 7AM–10PM

Wednesday 7AM–10PM

Thursday 7AM–10PM

Friday 7AM–10PM

Saturday 7AM–10PM

Sunday 7AM–10PM

Puye Cliffs Welcome Center

Experience one of northern New Mexico’s most awe-inspiring cultural attractions featuring cliff & cave dwellings, early Pueblo architecture, an original Harvey House and a stunning panorama of the valley.

Hours: Monday 6AM–8PM

Tuesday 6AM–8PM

Wednesday Closed

Thursday Closed

Friday 6AM–8PM

Saturday 7AM–7PM

Sunday 7AM–7PM

Guided Tours at Puye Cliff Dwellings

Your visit will be a journey of personal and spiritual discovery as you experience the stillness, beauty and cultural significance of Puye Cliff Dwellings. Journey back in time, two thousand years and you will find the ancestors of Santa Clara Pueblo thriving here at Puye. Using material found at this site, they sculpted their homes from the soft volcanic rock of the Pajarito Plateau. Hand-hold trails carved into the rock allowed them for travel between levels and breathtaking views of the valley below define their world according to nature's boundaries: the earth and the sky. Today, these homes continue to flank ancient trails cut into the cliff face and grace the spectacular mesa top.

Tours at Puye Cliff Dwellings are available seven (7) days a week, as weather permits. Closures will posted on our website homepage or calendar.

Tickets may be purchased onsite at Puye Cliff Dwellings. Discounts for children and seniors are available for each tour. Puye Cliff Dwellings also offers group & school tours and rates.

Groups of 10 or less please come in. We accept walk ins.

Featured Tours

Enjoy everything about Puye Cliff Dwellings. The Cliffside, Puye Village and Mesa Top in this combination of all the tours.

You will experience the very heart of the pueblo culture, gaining a full and rich understanding of daily life at Puye. Involves walking on steep slopes (paved) at high elevations. No pre-booked reservations needed. Tickets can be purchased at Puye Cliff Dwellings when you arrive. We look forward to your visit!

Adults: $40.00 | Seniors: $36.00 | Children under 14: $36.00

Experience the Place between Earth and Sky from the Puye Cliff Dwellings Mesa Top, where breathtaking views and a guided tour of the Puye Village will leave you awed and humbled.

You will see firsthand the kiva structure, the 140 room ancient home and 360 degree panoramic views of the sacred mountains. Your tour guide will show you the remains of multi-storied dwellings framing a central plaza, providing an insightful glimpse into early pueblo architecture and community life. No pre-booked reservations needed. Tickets can be purchased at Puye Cliff Dwellings when you arrive. We look forward to your visit!

Adults: $25.00 | Seniors: $21.00 | Children under 14: $21.00

Behind the Harvey House, the Puye Cliff face trail guides visitors in the world of the Puye ancients.

On this tour, a tour guide will introduce you to everyday life on the Puye Cliff face through detailed information about early habitation and architecture. You will see masonry dwellings, cavate dwellings sculpted from the volcanic rock of Pajarito Plateau and petroglyph’s of the ancient Santa Clara Pueblo people. The Cliffside Tour involves walking on steep slopes (paved) at high elevations.

Adults: $25.00 | Seniors: $21.00 | Children under 14: $21.00

Roadrunner Trail offers a visit to the Cliffside of the Mesa where guests will experience the beautiful scenery and multiple cave dwellings.

Tour guides will explain the rich history of the site and the Pueblo ancestors who occupied the area for thousands of years. The Roadrunner trail begins on the 100 yard paved path incline to the face of the cliff. Guests will be able examine the cliff dwellings and enter the newly reconstructed building. The Roadrunner trail also offers an optional 30 foot ladder climb to the secondary tier of the cliff. Alternative routes will also be available along the face of the cliff to the new reconstructed building and down the dirt trail. No pre-booked reservations needed. Tickets can be purchased at Puye Cliff Dwellings when you arrive. We look forward to your visit!

Price: $20.00

The restored 1930’s Harvey House and grounds are where you will learn about Puye Cliff Dwellings and the Santa Clara Pueblo people.

The Harvey House was built by the Fred Harvey Company as part of the railroad tours that brought many tourists to New Mexico for the first time. The cultural displays present information discovered in the excavation by J. Edgar Hewett in 1907 told for the perspective of the Santa Clara Pueblo people. Like the Puye Cliff face and Mesa Top, that Harvey House is made from volcanic rock and tufa block masonry.

Open to Public


Ortega's Weaving Shop

Nine generations of authentic New Mexico weaving, perfected.

10 AM to 4 PM, Wednesday - Saturday

Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

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