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Oppenheimer Experience

Explore the locations and history featured in the new Oppenheimer film.

Oppenheimer Set Tour

NEW Oppenheimer Film Set Tour!

New Mexico is abuzz with Oppenheimer's domination at this year's Academy Awards. Partially filmed at Ghost Ranch, Oppenheimer took home several awards including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor.

At present, scheduled tours of the Oppenheimer set at Ghost Ranch have been temporarily suspended and pop-up tours will be posted after April 10th, whenever possible.  The tours will be on Saturday at 10 AM ONLY and bookable the prior Saturday starting at 10 AM, first come first serve after the tour is open online.

The tour will focus on the film set, replicating Los Alamos during the WWII years and the little-known relationship between Ghost Ranch and the Manhattan Project. The stunning 360-degree views from across the highway are worth the price of admission alone.

Please visit our website for dates and times. 

Bradbury Science Museum: J. Robert Oppenheimer: An unparalleled legacy

Our first director and Los Alamos are intrinsically connected

Explore how Oppenheimer made a meaningful and lasting mark

Brilliant and complicated, J. Robert Oppenheimer was instrumental to the success of the Manhattan Project — the top-secret effort to build an atomic bomb to help bring an end to World War II. It was an incredible moment in history when many scientific disciplines came together to solve a monumental scientific challenge.

Today, Los Alamos National Laboratory continues its groundbreaking scientific research in service of national security. Remarkable people from all over the world continue to come here to do that rewarding work — just like during the Manhattan Project. 

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